On the thirty first of december 1942 I was born in the Jacob Backer straat .
Named after a famous Dutch painter ) I have three brothers and one sister who recently died. On the caricature I am second left. The one with the sharp nose. My father was a police officer. So everybody knew you in a small town like Harlingen. He also was informant of the BVD.( Dutch CIA ) fam
One of his tasks was to spy on the Dutch communist party in Harlingen.
I still remember a man coming to talk to my father in the kitchen. Later on I heard that that mistery man had planted a microphone in the room where the section of the communist party in Harlingen held their meetings.
( In that time we were in the middle of the Cold War )
I had a very protected youth. I don't remember very much of Harlingen.
What I do remember most was "het Lanenkaatsen " - Looks like fronton .
In that time Holland's most popular singers came to Harlingen to sing at the end of this sportsevent. Bouke van der Gaast - world famous in Harlingen and environment - sometimes performed "The Clivia of Walle Geertsje.    I sing it here . If you don't like it stop the player. kaatsen
II started my career as a teacher at the age of twenty two.
After some wandering around I landed ( perhaps stranded ) in Den Helder. The naval port of Holland. ( 80 km north of Amsterdam )
For almost forty years I worked in primary and later on in secondary schools. Twenty five years I worked as a history teacher. I left teaching at the age of sixty one . Since my retirement I travel a lot with my wife who comes from Barcelona. We are married for more than forty five years now.
We have two sons. The elder one lived in Sydney and now in Chicago and the younger one lives in Amsterdam after living in Hong Kong and Singapore. We have visited our sons a couple of times and Hong Kong and Sydney have special places in our hearts.

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